Antenne Wilson 5000

Antenne Wilson 5000 (5000 watts)

Base Loaded Antenna Magnetic mount

High Power Ability To Handle 5,000 Watts AM, 20,000 Watts SSB (ICAS)
Made with high impact Mobay Thermoplastic
6 gauge solid copper silver-plated wire
Exclusive low loss coil design
62" 17-7 PH Tapered spring stainless steel whip
Frequency range 26 MHz to 30 MHz
Weather Channel Ready
Removable coil for safe storage & garage entrance
Weather cap included to protect mount when coil is removed

62 in whip

If you are looking to run the antenna with high-wattage radio equipment or if the antenna will be used frequently in extreme winter condition, we recommend the Wilson 5000 that is designed to prevent ice-related performance issues. The WIlson 5000 is 65% larger than the Wilson 1000. 5000W power handling

STRONG MAGNET - The magnet mount easily attaches to any flat metallic surface and is designed to hold tight even at high speeds.


Top Performing base antenna for automobile
The Wilson 1000 and 5000 magnet CB antennas attach to metallic surfaces. It can be mounted on the roof and attached to the trunk.


Made with high impact Mobay Thermoplastic
6 gauge Solid Copper Silver-Plated Wire
Exclusive low loss coil design
Wheather Channel Ready
Removable Coil for safe storage


Range (vary to numerous installation and environmental variables): 5 to 7 miles
Length: 66'' (6.5ft)
Base Width: 5''
Coax Length: 17ft
Whip: 62'' Stainless Steel
Wattage Rating: 5000W AM - 20,000W SSB (ICAS rating)
Frequency Range: 26 to 30 MHz

What's Included
WIlson 5000 Mount Antenna