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Before Any question
It's Available until not Available !
it's Fonctionnel like new , No Fail/Bug
Do not offer $30 on big items, I do not Answer



ITEMS:1  -  A/C, 25000 BTU 240V Clean, Work Perfectly (more)


ITEMS:2  -  Antenne Wilson 5000, Base Magnetic     (more)



ITEMS:3  -  Emachine Work , CDROM DEFECT $40     (more)


ITEMS:4  -  Card WinTV Quad '4 tuner'     (more)


ITEMS:5  -  Power Supply 30Volts 10 amps (300 Watts)    (more)


ITEMS:6  -  Meat Grinder With accessory  NEW   (more)


ITEMS:7  -  Impact Wrench Maximum New    (more)


ITEMS:8  -  BluePerrot HEADSET  30+ Hours Battery  (music/cell)   (more)


ITEMS:9  -  Helix modem Work   (more)


ITEMS:10  -  Air Quality Detector    (more)


ITEMS:11  -  2 x NOCO Genius 10 amps Charger   (more)


ITEMS:12  -  Antenne TV 4x3 Pieds/Feets + PreAmps Televes  + Booster 15DB  (more)





I have More items to sell did not have time to Display here

2xCobraCB,Bosster CD,Baofeng BF-F8HP+Accessories,RouterD-Link,AirCompresseur-6SCFM+ManyTools

CarBooster 2000amps+700watts inverter,

FreePhoneLine 2 line + Adapter + accessories + 2 line speakerphone AT&T Phone -No cost Phone service-

Many More items to sell !!